Zakaria Kawsar Toukir Sajal. Is it a bad person behind the mask?
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Is he a bad person?

He contacted me for me to help the confirmation code (CID). I helped him very enthusiastic. I did not ask him to pay after each CID. He and I agreed to each other when I took him 20 CIDS, he made a payment once. Recently, I still helped him get 20 CIDS, and I asked him to pay. He promised to make a payment, but after many times he promised, he did not make a payment for me and deleted the whole content of the exchange between me and him on the Telegram.

He received 20 CIDS from me and sold it to his customers, but he didn't pay me as agreed. If he doesn't want to pay, he can ask me for free. I was very disappointed because I mistakenly believed that he was him.

On Telegam, he has the nickname Zakaria Kawsar Toukir Sajal. He has a mask cover. Is it a bad person behind the mask?

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hnquang.c3ntt@*.com · #9 · 16:46 24/11/2023

Sorry administrator!
Me and him are members of this forum. When our automatic CID system temporarily stopped operating, he contacted me to help me with CID. I enthusiastically helped him by calling the switchboard to support M $. I would like to post a warning for everyone to know and avoid him.
I will stop talking about this here. Sincere thanks and apologize for the inconvenience (if any)!

Administrator · #8 · 12:13 24/11/2023

Please don't talk about what is not in this forums.

hnquang.c3ntt@*.com · #7 · 11:27 24/11/2023

Take him up for you to know about him, avoid trading with him.

jag1208@*.ru · #6 · 21:31 23/11/2023

tecnipcalberto@*.com · #4 
That is him. 

Spanish speaking guy from Bangladesh?

hnquang.c3ntt@*.com · #5 · 20:16 23/11/2023

 tecnipcalberto@*.com · #4 
That is him.

tecnipcalberto@*.com · #4 · 20:03 23/11/2023

hnquang.c3ntt@*.com · #3 · 18:10 23/11/2023

He deleted all the messages between us like this:

hnquang.c3ntt@*.com · #2 · 18:06 23/11/2023

Những lần đầu anh ta đều thanh toán trước cho mỗi lượt 20 cids. Tuy nhiên tôi không muốn giữ tiền của anh ta và cũng tin tưởng anh ta tử tế nên để anh ta thanh toán sau. Ban đầu anh ta khá sòng phẳng, nhưng cuối cùng thì anh ta lặn như vậy đấy. 

hieuphan001144@*.com · #1 · 17:58 23/11/2023

từ đầu bạn nên thống nhất việc trả tiền trước rồi làm việc, không có gì miễn phí mãi được cả 
trả tiền thì làm không thì thôi