This website and all products on it are developed by Huy Phùng. Your donation will be used for website mantainning and development.

I. Monthly Account (For check keys, all keys are encrypted by SHA-256 algorithm):

    1. Seller account (for high check keys(5,000 keys per day)): 5$ (100K VNĐ) per month.

    2. VIP account (for higher check keys(10,000 keys per day, faster checking)): 10$ (200K VNĐ) per month.

    3. Business account (for very high check keys(100,000 keys per day, faster checking), good for intergrate check key API into your website): 30$ (600K VNĐ) per month.

    You can renew your license for 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 1 year.

II. Add Credit (For get CIDs / buy products on Market): You will decide the price for each CID got success, the average price is 0.26$ per CID. The average speed is 10 minutes per CID, and we always hard working to make it's fastest and most stable.

Please REMEMBER attach your registered email in payment transaction, then we will update your account. You can pay for us by three ways:

 1. Crypto wallet (Binance/USDT):

  Binance Pay ID / Email: 206706414 / [email protected]

  Tron(TRC20): TCxNu2RVYMSUUXYjpeB9oNko1ZKeswVmDb

  BSC(BEP20): 0xc8b3e62e3fbafcc2d50e9f7b7d14a09da13db31d

 2. Bank (Scan QR Code):

    3. MoMo wallet: