This website and all products on it are developed by Huy Phùng, for research and help community purposes only. Your donation will be used for website mantainning and development.

All account types:

1. Premium account (for normal check keys(2000 keys per day), get CIDs(500 CIDs per day)): 25K VNĐ (2$) per month.

2. Seller account (for high check keys(5000 keys per day, faster checking), get CIDs(1000 CIDs per day, auto call supported), online support): 100K VNĐ (5$) per month.

3. VIP account (for higher check keys(10,000 keys per day, faster checking), get CIDs(2000 CIDs per day, auto call supported), online support): 200K VNĐ (10$) per month.

4. Business account (Unlimited check key and get CID (auto call supported), online support, best for intergrate APIs into your website): 600K VNĐ (30$) per month.

You could renew your license for 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 1 year.

5. Credit (For using Auto Activation Tool): The price is about 0.2$ per activated product for private keys. If activation fail, the credit will be automatically refunded to your account.

Please give me your email and account type which you want to upgrade to in/after donating (if your account did not automatically updated) . You could donate for me by four ways:

 1. Paypal:

  You should login to your account then pay to automatic upgrade/add credit.

 2. Bank:

  Bank name: Tien Phong Bank (TPBank)

  Branch: TPBank Pham Hung

  Account Name: PHUNG QUANG HUY

  Account Number: 00321016002

 3. Crypto wallet (Binance):

  Tron(TRC20): TCxNu2RVYMSUUXYjpeB9oNko1ZKeswVmDb

  BSC(BEP20): 0xc8b3e62e3fbafcc2d50e9f7b7d14a09da13db31d

    4. MoMo wallet: