New CAPTCHA system is not designed for humans
Discussion · kitsken@*.com · posted 20:28 30/11/2023 · 367 views

Who thought using symbols in capthca would solve spammers?
It only made normal paying customer's life worse by including hard to input characters.
Just do the check captcha or something to avoid spammers.
I had to try more than 10x to sign in. If i'm on my phone then it's imposible since I don't have a normal English Keyboard -_- 

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Administrator · #8 · 18:31 01/12/2023

We just disabled captcha for first of 3 login times, if you enter incorrect username/password you will have to solve the captcha. This for easier login but still keep protect our accounts again brute-force login.

getkeyshop95@*.com · #7 · 17:04 01/12/2023

Still captcha system is hard, admin should solve this problem

Check this for example - 

jag1208@*.ru · #6 · 01:46 01/12/2023

Not only captcha system is improved, search system has now much improvements.
Before I was often facing error in my searching for any stuff. 
Thanks, Admin!

getkeyshop95@*.com · #5 · 00:27 01/12/2023

yes, it's so hard. 
Also now automatically getting logged out once shutdown pc or ip change and then have to login again with that hard CAPTCHA.
previously can login oneday and saty login for many days. please fix it

Administrator · #4 · 00:03 01/12/2023

We improved our captcha system. Let's try it again.

Administrator · #3 · 21:01 30/11/2023

Thanks friend for your feedback!

kitsken@*.com · #2 · 20:47 30/11/2023

Thanks, I'm sorry I might be too harsh on my words. I thought it was impossible for me to sign in.
Had to get my laptop and change my keyboard layout since some characters are not available in Japanese IME

Administrator · #1 · 20:31 30/11/2023

Sorry friends!
We will improve our captcha system for easier to use!