Be careful trading with this person @MaxStewie
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I am going to tell my experience with this person about the Office/Windows key exchange, therefore I will explain this matter from my position and I hope to help the community avoid this type of possible scams or cumbersome situations. Not more than a week ago I contacted the estimate that I saw in the sellers section of this page, I was looking for cheap Office PP Keys, I saw this seller in the section and decided to start the conversation, shortly after the next day he responded and Check your prices, I asked for 2 Office keys to test it with my clients in later days and a few weeks later I see that no key works, giving me a blocked Key and leaving me and my clients in a bad state. I asked about the situation and he only answered that the keys lasted 10 hours. It is wrong of them to sell me a license without explaining the conditions of sale, their response to the situation left me with a bad taste, I hope the situation is resolved somehow by the counterparty. I attach my chat, basically it is understood that he only wants to sell keys and that's it


It seems strange that it says "Windows" but it is a bot that manages the cid, so it is a detail that I would not take into account

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