How can i active windows with error code 0xC004C008
Discussion · quocdanhmyker@*.com · posted 12:20 02/09/2022 · 366 views

pls guide me how to active windows with key that has error code 0xC004C008, thanks for your help

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webmud43@*.com · #2 · 02:01 03/09/2022

1. Open the activation window and click {Change Product Key}
2. Enter the key and click {Next}.
3. Click to activate
4, the error code "008" is displayed (it can be activated by phone), click close
5. If the error code is "008", it will display {Activate by phone}, please click to activate by phone.
6. Select a country or region, this is optional, and then click {Next}.
7. Record the installation ID, and then click {Next}.
8. Open the web activation URL, Or . fill in the installation ID recorded in the previous step in the 7-digit input box, and then click {Submit}. Wait for a while to display the confirmation ID .
9. Enter the confirmation ID obtained in the previous
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wassiabbes@*.com · #1 · 15:32 02/09/2022

Run CMD as ADMIN and paste this script
(xxxxxx = Your KEY)

cscript //nologo slmgr.vbs /ipk xxxxxxxxxxxx
cscript //nologo "%Systemroot%\system32\slmgr.vbs" /dti >step2.txt
start step2.txt