Office Key Backup in windows 11
Discussion · [email protected]*.com · posted 18:32 27/03/2022 · 208 views

Any working way to backup the installed Office product keys on windows 11?
The one i have been using on windows 10 doesnot work in windows 11.
Dism++ and other cmd backup not working on windows 11. Any help?

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[email protected]*.com · #2 · 20:47 27/03/2022

Thanks for replying. Noted!! and will Implement.

[email protected]*.com · #1 · 19:25 27/03/2022

Each backup usually goes together between office and windows, you cannot take a backup of win 10 to restore to win11. You will need to reactivate office, if it's a retail key, then re-enter that key even though it's dead. Done, you have to make a backup